Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am teh sexah now (misspellings on purpose)

So I woke up today knowing that I would get my apron, and I checked online and sure enough I needed to turn in 2 Errant Hats. The things cost a fortune to make, luckily there were 6 on the AH and when I looked in the price history I saw that the last 8 were purchased by 4 people... people doing the same thing I was doing. Buying today's Guild Points item. I got them for 16k each and rushed off to Windy. I got there, turned them in, and got my arpon! Then I got some synths in and raised myself from 89.9 to 90.2 in about 14 synths. Cost me an arm and a leg for those 2 stacks of stupid Plumes but I didn't care. I had 5M worth of stuff on the auction house waiting to get sold.
Five Million on the AH waiting to be sold? Say what? Over the weekend I decided to burn one of these Themis Orbs. Seeing how the last one turned out... I was looking for a more successful outcome. I heard from my good friend Tuufless that Evilstar was doing Horns of War in Horlais Peak. I was in a party at the time but 90 mins later when it broke he was still there. I asked if he had space for me and he said "sure". Here's my thing... manaburning a Kindred Seal BCNM has always annoyed me. You work for months to get these seals and the BLMs get everything but 1 item (depending on which BCNM you are doing). Fortunetly, and luckily, this wasn't anything like that. I arrived in Horlais Peak and there were 18 brave BLMs all waiting for me. I traded my Themis Orb and entered Horns of War.

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It was a King Behemoth type mob, which means nuke, grav, run the hell away. It's quite a sight to see 17 Blizzaga III's go off at the same time. I was extremely lucky, I used my Terra's Staff and also kept Stoneskin, Phalanx, and Protect IV on me at all times. That kept me alive, unfortunetly the BLMs didn't have such spells. As they ran around they had a big old behemoth to tend with... and he wasn't happy.

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Unfortunetly as you can see some of the BLMs fell... well, most of them did. Towards the end he was at 2% and I was slamming my Chainspell macro but remembered that I used it to warp my party from Altepa... and wasn't able to steal the kill. He used Meteor one last time and even killed me, though I had Reraise II on just in case such a thing were to happen.

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Even Tuufless ate it, though a taru BLM doesn't have much chance against a giant flaming rock hurling at them. In the end I got really great drops, which I didn't know at the time. I was expecting Guispiere, Bayard's, or Princley Swords. Little did I know that the Kriegsbiel was an even more valuable weapon. I chose my one item (the Kriegsbiel) and the rest went to the BLMs. See, here is where I used to think I was going to get ripped off. Instead I found that the 2nd most valuable item was a Behemoth Horn, and the rest wasn't worth 100k combined. All those BLMs died so they could split 700k 17 ways. Granted, they were going to do it probably 5-6x that night from different people. Still, much respect to the BLMs that died to get me a 5.4M gil axe. Hopefully it sells soon, not only do I need that money to help finish Clothcraft, but I really don't want to have to relist it.

So thats what went on this weekend, (mostly). As always thanks for reading, leave a comment if you have something to say. Even if it is "You suxorz you noob". Take care.


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